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Collabrative Terminal -- Sharing a Screen Session

2012 / 04 / 08 - San Luis Obispo, CA

I often explain things to people that involve a lot of command-line work and usually resort to screen-sharing with Google+ Hangouts or something similar. This is not ideal and it’s difficult to instruct someone when you can’t both affect the workspace.

There is a better way.

Sharing a GNU Screen Session

I knew that GNU screen allowed multi-user sessions, and I finally figured out how to share a screen session with another user. It can be tricky, as the other person can easily screw up your typing with a single keystroke, so I reccomend Voice-chatting at the same time.


Using a Single User Account

User 1

sudo su user_2
script /dev/null
screen -S lets_share

User 2

screen -rx lets_share

Using Your Own User Accounts

User 1

screen -S lets_share
# inside the screen session
C-a :multiuser on
C-a :acladd user_2

User 2

screen -r user_1/lets_share
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