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Faster than scp

2012 / 03 / 14 - San Luis Obispo, CA

On occasion everyone needs to move large files between servers, like say a 50GB log dump from your DB that you want to analyze, or a 10GB SQL backup.

The internet is fast now-adays and most cloud services have great bandwidth, but a lot of data is a lot of data and transferring it can take some time.

scp is the easiest way to transfer files using an ssh connection, but it can be a bit slow on occasion, and it’s compression is usually worthless.

So, the solution is to pipe the results from tar-gzip over an ssh connection. NetCat(nc) is a tad faster but requires one more step to setup.

The Syntax

ssh user@source.com tar -zc /path/to/dir | tar -zx -C output/dir

The Results

For a 250MB txt file

scp : 19.7 seconds tar-gzip over ssh : 7.6 seconds

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